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One of my favorite blogs to read is The Peaceful Mom. I usually visit the blog to get help with a weekly meal plan, but Kimberlee is so inspiring with such a good spirit that I often find myself reading lots of her other posts as well. One that caught my eye as I was planning to enter the New Year was her post about choosing an inspired word of the year.

This got me thinking…what word would define what I want from 2015? What do I need to do? What am I lacking? What do I want?

After wracking my brain trying to choose a word that would define the New Year, I thought of discipline and commitment. Neither would work though because I think I have discipline because I usually complete what I start, and I’m committed to many things especially my family. As I continued to think about it, I realized that my main problem is procrastination. I have literally said out loud “why do today what I can put off until tomorrow”. I know…sad.

I justified it though by saying that almost everything that needs to get done, does in fact get done. I just have so much to do, that I have to do things in order of importance, due date, or for whoever is screaming the loudest at that moment. I have always known though that this is no way to live.

Take this past Christmas holiday for example. I was asked to plan and execute the office holiday party. I was SO busy working on it, including most weekends, that my own holiday plans took a back seat. So, the day after Christmas, knowing I would not be seeing some of my family until Saturday, I was in the kitchen making the sugar scrubs, lip balms, and bath teas that should have been done in November! I worked all day when I could have been relaxing. So, the office holiday party really had nothing to do with my being unprepared. I just did other things every time I thought I should have been crafting Christmas gifts. Yes it got done, but my Christmas break could have been a lot less hectic.

In order to put a stop to my procrastinating ways, I choose the word ACTION as my inspired word for 2015. I will take action on those things I know needs to be done and not put them off until it’s practically too late. This includes beginning an exercise program (even a 10 minute, 3 times a week program), making and keeping doctors’ appointments, and completing homework assignments. Not only will I stop putting off things that need to be done, but things I WANT to do, like posting more frequently to this blog.

I will at least cut my procrastinating ways in half. That is my goal for 2015. Everything else will just have to wait.

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