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In June, my daughter and I were out running errands and decided to stop in the Goodwill thrift shop after getting fast food next door. It was late, but there was still a half hour or so before closing so we went in to take a look around.

I always head straight for the books but a set of china caught my eye. The set was on the top shelf and was taped together in two sets with thick, clear, packing tape. I thought it was pretty and I was so excited because there were so many pieces to the set.

As I picked up half of the set and started to look at it, another lady came over and seemed interested as well. She already had a cart full random stuff, so her interest irritated me a bit because she picked up the other half of the set and started talking about how nice it was. I knew that I had to get them (or she would) so I told my daughter to run and get a cart. (We didn’t get one when we came into the store because we hadn’t planned to buy anything.)

Wouldn’t you know, there was no price on the set. The cashier had to call a manager who started to tell me that she couldn’t sell the china to me because the set was not priced. I was beginning to get pissed! Finally, she went to the back and said that the lady who put everything out earlier said she priced the set at $12.96!

I tried to remain calm…for all I knew it was a bunch of junk, but it was junk that I wanted. I paid and two men from the store got newspaper, a plastic crate, and box and packed up my purchase. It was pouring down raining, but my daughter and I wrestled the box and crate into the car.

The boxes sat in the car two days. When my husband brought them in, he commented on the bug body that was in the gravy boat. I said “I know…but isn’t it a nice set?” I washed each piece carefully and put them in the dishwasher to rinse, then stored them in the cabinet.

When I finally got around to doing some research, I discovered that the china was made by Myott Son & Company which started as a family business in 1898 in Staffordshire, England. The company made tableware and added pottery to their product line in the 1930’s. In 1949, a fire at the company facility destroyed pattern books and records that contained design information. After the fire, the company began to experience a decline in growth and sales and was purchased by Interpace, an American Corporation in 1969.

I believe my pieces are authentic. Besides the logo and pattern stamp, a search on replacements.com, show pieces identical to what I have. Additionally, I think my pieces are worth a bit of money since replacements.com show a cup and saucer pair going for $35.99.

I was lucky to get 43 pieces in all. 6 tea cups, 8 saucers, 7 bread plates, 11 small dessert bowls (at least I think that’s what they are), 1 dinner plate, 3 soup bowls, 1 sugar bowl with lid, 1 creamer, 1 gravy boat, 1 drip plate, 1 small, oval serving bowl, and 2 small serving platters. I paid $12.96 for all 43 pieces, that’s only .30 per piece!

When my husband carried in the box, in addition to making a comment on the bug, he said “more junk”. In this case, I think NOT!

  • Receipt ( I can’t remember what the $4.96 item was)

  • Cup & Saucer

  • Gravy Boat & Drip Plate

  • Sugar Bowl & Creamer

  • Plate

  • Plate (Back)

  • Replacements.com – FH2909 Pattern


Replacements LTD, http://www.replacements.com/webquote/MYOFH2909.htm

Myott Collectors Club, http://www.myottcollectorsclub.com/story.html

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