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Last year, my precious Diego passed away. I was devastated and so was 10 year old Taz, (or Tazzie/Tazzie Wazzie) as we call her. She cried, looked for Diego, and refused to eat for several days.

The night before Thanksgiving, I decided to adopt a friend for her. Enter Lolo… (I’ll tell his story in another post).

One day he was in my lap in all his kitten cuteness. I said “Oh Lolo, you’re so cute and you’ve got so much personality”. Then I immediately thought “other animals have personality”. I have not been able to eat meat since that day. I continued to eat fish and shrimp for a few weeks, reasoning that they have lower cognitive function, but I soon gave up on those as well.

I struggled with eating meat as a child, but in those days, we were supposed to finish what was on our plate. I got in big trouble and would sit for hours refusing to finish my dinner. As an adult, I’ve “gone vegetarian” several times. The last time my son, then a preteen, was so concerned that he begged me to eat some chicken. 

It was a challenge for me at first, trying to figure out how to replace meat. Restaurants are “meat centric” so I would end up getting 2 or 3 side dishes when we went out to eat. In March, my hair started coming out in clumps. At first, I couldn’t figure out why then I realized I must be lacking protein or some other nutrient I was getting from meat. I went through several variations of a trial and error smoothie recipe before settling on a ready-to-drink protein supplement.

Since then, I have added B-12 along with some iron to try to stay healthy. I have a lot to learn but here’s what I’ve managed to figure out so far:

  1. There are some very good meat substitute products on the market made from soy.
  2. On the flip side, I keep reading that many soybeans are grown from genetically modified seeds or are heavily sprayed with insecticide. What do I do about this? I haven’t figured it out yet.
  3. There are tons of wonderful vegetarian/vegan cookbooks and online resources and recipes available. I started reading the No Meat Athlete blog before I went vegetarian just because he had some really good stuff on there.
  4. There are cheese substitutes! I’m still currently eating eggs, cheese, and honey though it makes me feel a bit guilty. What I don’t want to do is to start eating “science projects”.
  5. My eating habits are more of a big deal to other people than they are to me. My husband believes I should always pick the restaurant because I’m vegetarian. Some people have even said “Oh I could never give up meat”, like it’s some sort of competition. Others feel the need to convince me of why I need to eat meat.
  6. Vegetarians will have to take some supplements. This is not a big deal, since most people are lacking certain vitamins and minerals that can be corrected with supplementation.
  7. Vegans who grew up vegan likely have an easier time than people who convert. I feel like a hypocrite because ham and barbeque still smell good to me.
  8. You can eat well, look well, and be well without meat.
  9. I am not alone. There are many people who are vegetarian, vegan, or cutting back on meat. I often run into people at work luncheons.
  10. I have a lot to learn and a lot of new recipes to try.
  11. Thank God wine is made from grapes!

Have you stopped eating meat? Why? How is it going for you?

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