29 March, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

The dogs slept until 8 this morning. The extra hours of sleep were a treat, but I was having a crazy dream and was happy to get up. Saturday mornings are my favorite. During the week, it’s dark when we go outside and I’m in “hurry up and pee, I have to get to work” mode. This morning, we went out after the rain. It’s warm today, 64 degrees now, 58 when we went out. A far cry and a…

4 March, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I thought so… I took this picture yesterday afternoon, then we received 5 inches of snow last night and this morning!

16 February, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I’ve been wanting to try Fire Cider for quite a while. About a month and a half ago, I finally made the recipe. I decided to hold off on posting until the cider sat for the required amount of time and I actually tried it out. I have used it to make a vinaigrette for salad, mixed some in pasta, and have taken “shots” when I felt the beginnings of a sore throat. It worked, or at least I think…

21 December, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

22 November, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I recently visited Dollar General for cleaning supplies. I had a small list which included dishwashing liquid. I bought two bottles of 30oz. Palmolive dish liquid for $2 each. I got home and realized that I forgot to buy hand soap. I have used dish liquid in place of hand soap before, but this time I was REALLY pleased because I purchased Palmolive Gentle and Caring. In addition to the pretty, pink liquid, it has a wonderful, rosey scent. With…

7 October, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

It was an incredible 84 degrees here yesterday in Southern Maryland! That is warm for October, it was more like July. We had a visit from a praying mantis that was apparently also enjoying the warm weather.

4 October, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

My Grandfather REESE W. JAMES October 2, 1923 – October 4, 2013  


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