1 July, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

This past weekend, I decided to harvest some Plantain to make an infused oil which I will turn into salve in six weeks. Plantain is the first plant I formally studied in my herbal program, however, I was already familiar with plantain’s wonderful healing properties for the skin and use it often to make a healing salve for family and friends. During my class, we were given an assignment to take our chosen herb internally as well as externally. I…

14 June, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

My daughter was assigned a rather extensive end-of-year history project which required visiting historical sites or markers in Charles County, MD. It was a fun and educational day. Here are the highlights!  

7 June, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

A few months ago, I saw a birds nest in a light fixture where I had taken out the glass to put in a sensor for my weather station. I checked on April 26th and there were 3 eggs in there! I was so excited, but I didn’t want to scare mama bird, so I would only peek from afar. She sat there faithfully. On May 9th, I noticed that mama bird was gone, so I decided to check on…

27 April, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I ran a small floral design company, Creative Edge Floral Design, for six years. Even though I no longer run my floral company, I still do occasional floral arrangements for family and friends. Last week a friend asked me to do an arrangement for a baby shower. She wanted something in purple, yellow, and white.   Here’s what I used and how I did it: Lavender Ocean Song Roses Sun City Yellow Spray Roses September White filler flowers Tree Fern…

17 April, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

“April 16th, all who self harm, are suicidal, depressed, unhappy, have anxiety, has a broken heart, lost a loved one, draw a semicolon on your wrist. Semicolons represent a sentence the author chose not to end. You’re the author, the sentence is your life”. The Semicolon Project on Facebook The semicolon represents continuing a story. I have a semicolon tattooed on my back in honor of my little brother who we lost to suicide. I will continue his story in…

5 April, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I have the worst handwriting! It’s so bad that I’ve had doctors tell me how bad it is. (Sadly, I’m not joking). I’m always horrified when I have to write a personal note in a greeting card. I remember writing a lovely message to a close friend and co-worker who worked in my office, but in another section. I walked over to her, smiled, handed her the card, and walked away. I went back to my desk and sat anxiously…

1 April, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

My Best Friend Jaymes E. Kearney II August 3, 1967 – March 21, 2014  


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