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Uh oh…Here we go again. My sister called me on Tuesday to ask me if I wanted a bunny. Of course I want a bunny, but I can’t have any more pets. That’s my husband’s rule, not mine. “No more pets” he says to me often.
So…instead of trying to keep the bunny, her name is Lola, I decided I would smuggle Lola into the house until I could find her a home.
Lola’s current family is moving and their new landlord does not allow any type of pets. Sad. If only landlords would understand that people with pets stay longer, meaning more rent paid. Unfortunately, Lola’s family has to give her up. My sister told me the family is moving this weekend and was planning to take Lola to a shelter.
“No! Tell them not to take her to the shelter, I’ll find her a home” I told my sister. As I was trying to plan “Operation Lola” things kept changing. I thought I could pick Lola up after work, get home before my husband, and tuck her away until I could explain. Once I told him the whole story then he met Lola, I knew he would agree that it was fine for me to bunnysit for a while. I knew that I couldn’t tell him first or Lola and I would be SOL.
When the plan changed and I was told that Lola would be dropped off on Saturday, I couldn’t figure out what to do since he’s home on weekends, so I told him. “Awwwww” he said sincerely at first, then he repeated “awwwwww.” This time “awwwww” was said mockingly followed by “we’re not keeping Lola”. “But maybe my Mom wants her” he said. I was shocked that he’d even consider that. Well not really shocked that he’d want to help, he’s a sucker for animals too even though he won’t admit it. I honestly didn’t think his Mom would want her considering she always says a flat “NO” anytime we suggest a pet to keep her company.
So I called all my bunny loving friends…all TWO of them. They put out the call to find Lola a home.
Today at work, I walked over to another office to ask a question and a colleague was talking to someone who works in another office. I told her about Lola on Tuesday before I left work. She asked me about the bunny then she asked him “do your kids want a bunny?” He said “yes, they do”. I started in on him, telling him about Lola, then about my poor Pit Girl and why I didn’t want Lola to go to a shelter. He said his kids have been wanting a bunny for a while. He asked a few questions, then asked “How much will this cost me?” I said “nothing, and I’ll get her some food and supplies.” He said “I’ll take her.” I clapped my hands then gave him a hug to seal the deal.
He said “I have to call my wife” but when I responded “oh no…”, he said “don’t worry, she wants a pet too”. So, I’m confident that Lola will meet her new family this weekend.
I feel so bad for the family who has to give her up. The Moms’ eyes were watering as she talked about giving up their baby. They love her and they are making the best decision for her. I admire that. 
Lola with her buddy. This little guy is making the best decision for his little friend.


I’ll post an update once Lola is settled. (Either at her new home or my home, whichever ends up working out)

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