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I realized yesterday that it has been a year since we got our big boy Lolo. After losing my precious baby Diego, Taz our other kitty was really depressed. She had been crying, she stopped eating, and the life seemed drained from her. I decided to adopt a friend for her. I found a potential buddy for her on the Humane Society website. He was a cute little thing, all black and named Raven. I thought it was a sign since that is my daughter’s name. 😊






I went to PetSmart and bought a new carrier and went to pick Raven up. When I got there, he was HUGE! There was NO way he was getting in the carrier I bought. Not only that, he was locked in his crate while the other kitties roamed around because he was somewhat of a bully. Knowing this wouldn’t work for Taz, I left empty-carrier.

A few weeks later, my daughter came home from school for Thanksgiving break. After purchasing the last few items we needed for dinner, my daughter, son, and I decided to stop by the Humane Society to take a look. I didn’t want a kitten. I wanted an adult cat with low energy that could be a calm buddy for Taz and less headache for me. Of course that didn’t happen. They were ALL cute, babies and adults alike. I really liked an adult calico who sat still but “talked”. My son, however, fell in love with the worst kitten in the bunch. He was climbing the cage and making all kinds of noise. He wanted to hold him… “OH HELLLL NO!” I thought. He pulled him out of the cage and the little thing sat there behaving and looking all cute.

I’m a sucker. I’ve always known it, so off we went with Lo Mein. (What a dumb name, right?)

We took Lo Mein home and quickly discovered we should have named him T2. Taz in her heyday brought a little bit of hell to earth. At 11 years old, she still occasionally rips through here bouncing off walls, shaking her head violently while her pupils dilate, and acting like her namesake, the Tasmanian devil.

Lo Mein, which quickly translated to “No Lo” because he was so damned bad didn’t even have a warm up period. He ran around jumping on furniture, scratching shit, attacking our feet as we walked, and worse attacking Taz. I knew this was not going to work. He had an appointment to get neutered on Dec 8th and I figured I would just leave him there afterward.

Of course I didn’t, and over the course of the next few months, he grew on everybody…even Taz. Well sort of, she tolerates him but I think she likes having him in the house. Lo Mein, who is now affectionately called Lo, would do all kinds of cute shit to cover up his bad behavior. So…here are some pictures of him in his better moments. Happy one-year anniversary little buddy…


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