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I have the worst handwriting! It’s so bad that I’ve had doctors tell me how bad it is. (Sadly, I’m not joking). I’m always horrified when I have to write a personal note in a greeting card. I remember writing a lovely message to a close friend and co-worker who worked in my office, but in another section. I walked over to her, smiled, handed her the card, and walked away. I went back to my desk and sat anxiously awaiting her reply to my witty yet sentimental message. A few minutes later, she came over to my desk and said in a very cute, adorable way “I love you but what the f*** does this say?” We cracked up laughing, but I acknowledged the fact that my handwriting is…well…f***** up.

Most people, not just me, spend 8 or more hours typing on a computer. All that typing and no writing has conditioned our hands to do things other than hold a pen and form letters. A long time ago, my handwriting wasn’t so bad. I wrote with big, loopy letters. The letters looked as though I was a happy person, scrawling fun, hopeful messages. My writing now, sends the message that I’m an angry person who never went to elementary school. My cousin told me that certain school systems are no longer teaching script. What a shame.

My handwriting has gotten so bad that I once wasted nearly 10 minutes in the grocery store trying to figure out what kind of sauce I needed when I made my list, only to figure out after inventorying my cart, I needed sausage.

I was almost beginning to accept my handwriting but now that I’m taking classes again, I really need to find a way to improve it so I can read my own notes. My daughter asked me to help her format a thank you email for an event she recently attended. I said “Email?! A thank you message should be hand written”. Then I thought how much of an ordeal that is for me, so I decided to try to improve my own handwriting.

Today, I wrote letters a-z in cursive, lowercase letters. After doing that twice, I wrote “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, the sentence used when learning how to type because it uses every letter of the alphabet. I vow to do this at least once a day until my handwriting improves and one day is actually legible.

Then, I will send a witty, sentimental greeting card to my friend – and not sign it.

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