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This week was a tough one. No matter how much you try to prepare there is nothing like seeing your baby loaded onto a bus that drives into the unknown. And no…I’m not being dramatic.

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. The bus was bound for BWI airport, my son, my youngest of two, headed for Air Force training in San Antonio, TX. I sobbed liked somebody died. I looked over at my daughter and she was sobbing like two people died. My husband, all 6 foot 4 inches of him, had tears in his eyes which made me cry even harder.

My son made it there safely and I’m incredibly proud of him, but I miss him terribly. The house seems so ugly, dark, cold, and WAY too quiet. Neither one of my kids were really noisy, but it was a comfort hearing them moving around, opening and closing the refrigerator door, going in and out of the front door, and occasionally gracing me with their presence to ask what’s for dinner. Sigh…

Getting him off ended up being an adventure. I had to coordinate getting him to his recruiter, then to MEPS (Military Enlistment Processing Station), then to the hotel where he would stay overnight, then to Baltimore to pick my daughter up from school. One thing I didn’t factor in – an ice storm.

The first part of the day went fine, then the ice started coming down. By early evening it was beginning to get “iffy”. My daughter took Uber from school. By dinner, I knew there was no way I could make it safely back to Southern Maryland. I ended up booking a room in the same hotel where my son was staying. I was happy to be close to him even though he went to bed at 8pm.

We needed to be back at MEPS by 9am. I had no change of clothes. I did have the forethought to put my deodorant in my purse since I knew the day would be a long one. Luckily my daughter packed an overnight bag. But…unlucky for me, the hotel ran out of complimentary toothbrushes and the gift shop didn’t have any.

Pinch Provisions to the rescue! For Christmas I bought all the ladies in my family a Minimergency kit from Pinch Provisions. This tiny 3 ½ inch bag holds 17 beauty and personal items to help you out in a pinch! The hairspray and breath drops (which I swished around my mouth with water) definitely came in handy. My daughter luckily had a scarf to cover my hair and she had hair pins. The hotel had shower gel and lotion. I wasn’t exactly fresh for baby boy’s departure, but I wasn’t stinky either.

(Get the Minimergency kit from Amazon)

I think imagining him roughing it is what actually got me through – along with the half priced bottle of wine I got from Clyde’s restaurant. 😊

All in all – things went well.

The hardest thing is letting them go – the best thing is watching them grow.

Godspeed baby boy! I am SO proud of you! See you at graduation!

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