Year: 2014

19 October, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

It’s a mushroom! In fact, it is a mushroom from the Phallaceae family – named for its phallic shape. See…I’m NOT crazy. According to, this mushroom could be a “stinkhorn”. Stinkhorns occur “naturally” in North America and may result from the “transportation of soil, sod, wood chips, trees, and so on”. This makes sense because I brought in pounds and pounds of soil this past spring for my garden plus we had some pretty hard rain on Wednesday. The…

17 October, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

What IS this?! I happened to look down while watching the dogs play in the yard. I saw the orange color and bent down to get a closer look. What in the world?! Is it a poisonous mushroom? A weird insect cocoon? A fairy pleaser? While I was standing there fly after fly landed on it. I don’t know what it is but this phallic looking thing makes me want to head straight for the chemicals to get my chemical…

12 October, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

Earlier this year, my husband saw an episode of Dr. Oz where he discussed the dangers of eating microwave popcorn. According to Dr. Oz, the chemicals in the bag may cause cancer and to avoid these chemicals, but still enjoy microwave popcorn, you can pop popcorn in a plain lunch bag. I never bothered to research this…partly because if Dr. Oz says it then it must be true, but mostly because I heard this in the news before. Even before…

10 September, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. The hot days of summer come to an end and the cooler weather brings visits to the county fair, the pumpkin patch, and the petting farm. Well… at least we used to do all those activities when the kids were younger. Still, there is nothing better than curling up with a hot cup of tea when the weather is a bit crisp but not quite cold. I love watching the squirrels…

12 August, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

Now there’s some sad things known to man But ain’t too much sadder than the tears of a clown When there’s no one around -Smokey Robinson Today is Wednesday, I posted the above yesterday. I wanted to type something more…to explain how I’m a survivor of suicide but the words wouldn’t come to me. Then, I saw this article pasted to my sisters’ facebook page. Our little brother decided to take his life the exact same way Robin Williams did….

10 August, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I was going to title this post “Lola’s Happy Ending” but it’s not the end, but a great beginning for her with her new family. My sister kept Lola overnight at her house. Lola hung out with my sisters’ three kids, her cat Gimi, and dog Kobe. It looks like Gimi and Kobe were the perfect hosts. Well, kind of. Kobe appears to be ignoring Lola. I arrived this afternoon to take Lola to her new family. She was behind…

7 August, 2014 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

Uh oh…Here we go again. My sister called me on Tuesday to ask me if I wanted a bunny. Of course I want a bunny, but I can’t have any more pets. That’s my husband’s rule, not mine. “No more pets” he says to me often.   So…instead of trying to keep the bunny, her name is Lola, I decided I would smuggle Lola into the house until I could find her a home.   Lola’s current family is moving and…


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