Year: 2013

21 December, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

22 November, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

I recently visited Dollar General for cleaning supplies. I had a small list which included dishwashing liquid. I bought two bottles of 30oz. Palmolive dish liquid for $2 each. I got home and realized that I forgot to buy hand soap. I have used dish liquid in place of hand soap before, but this time I was REALLY pleased because I purchased Palmolive Gentle and Caring. In addition to the pretty, pink liquid, it has a wonderful, rosey scent. With…

7 October, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

It was an incredible 84 degrees here yesterday in Southern Maryland! That is warm for October, it was more like July. We had a visit from a praying mantis that was apparently also enjoying the warm weather.

4 October, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

My Grandfather REESE W. JAMES October 2, 1923 – October 4, 2013  

25 September, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

One of my favorite blogs is A post on the blog discussed making extra money and suggested giving a try. One Saturday, I gathered tons of books and priced them on the site by entering the ISBN number. Once I was done, the site generated an offer and even allowed me to print a free shipping label. I packed the books securely in my own box and applied the shipping label. It took me couple of days to…

17 September, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

In June, my daughter and I were out running errands and decided to stop in the Goodwill thrift shop after getting fast food next door. It was late, but there was still a half hour or so before closing so we went in to take a look around. I always head straight for the books but a set of china caught my eye. The set was on the top shelf and was taped together in two sets with thick, clear,…

30 August, 2013 Charlena Edge 0 Comment

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources has banned harvesting wild ginseng on public lands, namely Maryland state parks. The department instituted the ban in an effort to conserve the declining wild ginseng plants in Maryland. Wild ginseng has a limited capacity to reproduce, taking 3 to 8 years to reach maturity. Additionally, commercial harvesting, habitat loss, consumption by white tailed deer, and invasive species choking out the plants and roots have caused a decline in plant numbers For centuries, ginseng has…


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